Piston pin

The piston pin has been fitted with a slightly tight fit when new, and since it is in a blind hole, there may be a problem to get it out if necessary. In fig. 6 an expanding tool is drawn that can be used to pull it out. If this doesn’t work at room temperature, heat the piston up to appr. 150 degrees C, then it will certainly come loose.


fig. 6 Expanding tool to pull out piston pin. Material: steel or brass


Heating up the Piston to 150 degrees C Insert the expanding tool, fasten the srew and pull the piston pin out

When an engine has run, there may be some burr around the clip, which has to be removed with a small knife before pulling the pin out.
Pushing in the pin is easier, but goes best with a stepped 3.9 /5.8 mm diameter push pin.

Pushing in the piston pin with tool  

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